Committed to Helping Others Since 2007

Assisting persons of all ages, regardless of diagnosis, to access approved treatments, travel to
appointments and to palliative care and return home to family.
Each day is a Gift!
Your donations and support will help those unable to travel alone
and require the assistance of a caregiver.

Charitable Registration # 84712 3817 RR0001


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Without the generous help of our volunteers, we couldn’t reach our goals.
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Events increase visibility as well as raising needed funds along with applying for grants.


Scrap to Cash for Charity
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Thank you to Nurse Scrap Metal
and the generous people in our community.

Who are we?
We are a group of dedicated & allied Professionals who are committed to enhancing quality of life. In supporting the cost of medical transport we are assisting persons of all ages and illnesses to access approved care, treatment and special wishes.

Our promise:
1.  Your Gift/Donation is secure.
2.  Our board of directors are professionals with a vast knowledge of community and medical needs.
3.  Your support helps reduce the cost to healthcare and allows for faster treatment, discharges and recovery.
4.  Your donation is tax deductible…for any eligible donation over $20, you will receive a receipt.

“On behalf of the family, we wish to express heartfelt gratitude to Global Angel Charitable Organization for financial support  &  coordination so SC could travel to  the Mayo Clinic for an important consultation.”     

G.P, MSW, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto




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