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Health Plays a Fundamental Role in Building &

Maintaining Strong Communities

Canadian Charity founded in 2007 to assist with medical ground & air transportation costs
for people of all ages in need of treatment, palliative care or special wishes!
Charitable Registration # 84712 3817 RR0001

Global Angel Charitable Organization is the only charitable organization that supports

the transportation of all patients requiring medical support, regardless of illness or age, to

and from homes, hospice, airports and healthcare facilities.

October 10, 2020 Global Angel Charity Launches their TAKE ME HOME fundraising Campaign to run for 3 months
Our annual fundraiser was scheduled for October 10, but, due to Covid 19, it had to be  cancelled.  In it’s a place our online campaign “Take Me Home” will be promoted across Canada in every Province. Our campaign goal is $50,000.00
If you’ve ever had a child, a spouse, or dear friend ill away from home, you will understand the stress families endure to bring their family back home. Being home in the comfort of family and friends is where we tend to recover best.

We help these families and now ask for your kindness and support to allow us to cover flight costs. Due to Covid-19 traveling on airlines is restricted. And the costs of air ambulance is restrictive to families.

You can donate to this cause and receive a TAX receipt at Global Angel Charity TAKE ME HOME


Global Angel Charitable Organization would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming response to the “Lisa’s Last Wish” fundraiser. Your donations totaling $27,200.00 exceeded our expectations. Lisa should be home for Thanksgiving Day on Monday.

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