Global Angel Charitable Organization is committed to providing support for medical transportation to those in need of treatment, to return home, special last wishes and benevolent needs regardless of illness or age.

To have the financial and support resources to respond positively to every request from individuals and families during a medical crisis. The request will meet the criteria of the charity’s mission statement.

We champion the importance of effective board leadership and action. Empower the board with the knowledge of good governance practices. Encourage staff/volunteer initiative and strive to be a model charitable organization.

Global Angel Charitable Organization (GACO) , a Registered Charity based in Peterborough Ontario Canada, was launched in November 2007 at Burnham Mansion Fine Dining. Special guest Rompin’ Ronnie Hawkins along with friends, family and colleagues celebrated an evening of music, fine dining, a silent auction and sharing ideas and the inspiration behind the founding of the Charity. 

In 1993, while a nursing student at Sir Sanford Fleming College Peterborough, Carole Courneyea passed away at the age of 22 in Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto after a brief battle with leukemia. She left behind a legacy of giving through volunteering and caring deeply for others. In 2007, Global Angel Charitable Organization was founded by her family and friends to carry on her beliefs and values in helping others and recognizing Carole’s deep passion for the diverse field of nursing.

“Words can never express how truly grateful I am to you for safely transporting our friend back home to be with his family for the final part of his journey. You have been so helpful emotionally, financially and pulling everything together- forever grateful”…..

St John’s Newfoundland

A History of our Support

The timely movement of persons between health care facilities, between provinces, to their homes, to vital appointments is important to reduce healthcare costs, open beds in these facilities and promotes faster recovery among family and friends. Granting that “special wish” to attend a daughter’s graduation but bedridden or allow a senior to visit their home one last time but requires a stretcher transport is also what we do!

Supporting a request that we receive may be:

  • Using Aeroplan and other reward miles to purchase tickets and cover travel expenses
  • Negotiating air ambulance and ground transportation costs, as necessary
  • Paying a portion of an air ambulance cost to reduce the costs to family or healthcare facility

Your donation allowed us to :

  • Fly a child and care giver by airline to Toronto from Alberta for treatment and appointments.
  • Provide ground medical transport for a senior in a Ontario healthcare facility a home in Windsor.
  • Return a young man to Newfoundland by airline after being hospitalized in an Ontario Hospital for two years.
  • Fly a baby and parents to Toronto from New Brunswick for treatment and care by airline.
  • Provide ground stretcher transport for a adult to/from a home in Ontario to a vital medical appointment away from home.
  • Provide ground transports for a child and caregiver to access lifesaving appointments away from home.
  • Assist with air ambulance costs from Winnipeg to Nova Scotia to allow a palliative care patient to return home to family.
  • Assist with air ambulance costs to bring a patient back to Ontario from British Columbia to recover with family support.
  • Return a child to his family in Canada from a distant country after abduction.
  • Return a missing senior to British Columbia from Ontario by airline with medical support.
  • Return a homeless youth to his family in Saskatchewan by airline with medical support
  • Relocate a senior from an Ontario Hospital to a family home in Alberta with medical support.
  • Fly numerous persons and their care giver to treatment by donated corporate jets.