On Oct. 31@16:15 hrs., Baby Alexander, 8 months (Oct 1st) arrived by air ambulance at Toronto Pearson Airport from Athens Greece and transported by ground ambulance to SickKids.
His story touched the hearts of persons across the country resulting in donations to cover the cost of flight repatriation with a critical care pediatric team to Toronto from Greece.
This is his story:
He was a very healthy baby boy when he went to Greece in June to visit family. On Sept 24, 2012 his mother took him to the hospital because the last two days he was very lethargic, coughing, and had chest congestion. During the two days before Sept 24, 2012,
Alexander was seen by the pediatrician but sent home with just puffers and antibiotics and said he just had a cold and maybe ear infection. Morning Sept 24, 2012 she went to the pediatrician AGAIN and doctor said continue antibiotics but my sister felt something was not right. She was afraid he had pneumonia. Alexander had a low grade fever, not running higher then 38.9c. Sept 24, 2012 in the evening she went to the hospital and from there on with all the examinations and such they diagnosed him dilated cardiomyopathy.
The doctors at the hospital in Greece say they can not do anything more for him so he remains on the life-saving drugs. He is not in ICU anymore because they do not have any room. He is in a ward room where his mother must provide the nursing care until we can get him to Sick Kids in Toronto.