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July 2015

Peterborough, ON – August 4, 2015 – On a trip to Ontario for a family reunion, Alberta resident, Amy Savill and her toddler,  were not expecting introductions to their newest family member or to incur an approximate $75,000 medical expense.  The night of July 19th at 30 weeks of pregnancy, Savill went into early labour – she was rushed to the local ER at Timmins Hospital.   Due to the nature of her complications and the hospital unable to care with babies less than 32 weeks, she was flown to Sudbury for an emergency c-section.  Baby Amelia was born at 30 weeks, weighing 3lb and 1 oz.   Baby is currently receiving intensive Care in the Neonatal Unit at the Sudbury hospital.  The Ontario Government and the Alberta Health Services will not be covering the hospital-to-hospital flight estimated to cost Savill between $10, 000 – $30,000, and any further medical transportation to return home because she is out-of-province.  In addition, cost to return baby Amelia to her home province will be approximately $55K.  Savill has separated after a marriage of many years, and has little income and financial support at this time. “This has been very difficult for my two year old, who is in care with my parents staying at a nearby hotel, while I spend most of my day at the hospital with baby Amelia,” states Savill.  We desperately need to get back home to our larger support network, as soon as possible. It never occurred to me that I would need separate medical travel insurance within Canada.” The Global Angel Charitable Organization has taken the lead to assist the family in facilitating a fundraiser and the specialized Neonatal arrangements essential for mother and Baby Amelia’s safe transfer home to a hospital in Alberta. Further financial assistance is required in order to facilitate the transfer.

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