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We make a difference in the lives of people during a very traumatic time in their life.

Meeting their medical transport needs eases their burden.

Our History
Founded in 2007 by healthcare providers to assist with financial costs for medical transport to those needing complex care during flight or ground transport.
We have received requests for assistance from thousands of families during a medical crisis.
Mission Statement
Global Angel charitable Organization is committed to providing support for medical transportation to those in need of treatment, return to home, special last wishes and benevolent needs regardless of illness or age.
 Our Vision
To have the financial and support resources to respond positively to every request from individuals and families during a medical crisis.
The request will meet the criteria of the charity’s mission statement.
Our Values
Leadership. We champion the importance of effective board leadership and action. Empower the board with the knowledge of good governance practices. Encourage staff/volunteer initiative and leadership and strive to be a model charitable organization.



Who are we?
We are a group of dedicated & allied Professionals who are committed to enhancing quality of life. In supporting the cost of medical transport we are assisting persons of all ages and illnesses to access approved care, treatment and special wishes.

Our promise:
1.  Your Gift/Donation is secure.
2.  Our board of directors are professionals with a vast knowledge of community and medical needs.
3.  Your support helps reduce the cost to healthcare and allows for faster treatment, discharges and recovery.
4.  Your donation is tax deductible…for any eligible donation over $20, you will receive a receipt.