alainaYou can help Global Angel save lives, and grant special wishes
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Little Alaina Priore will perform another  miracle on Sunday, November 6, 2013… she will turned four. An incurable lung disease makes her breathing very difficult as Alaina has a suppressed immune system. She wasn’t expected to live more than a year. Alaina has spent more than one-quarter of her life in hospitals. Parents Michelle, Rocco and brother Thomas, treasure every moment they have together. Caring for Alaina at home is challenging and expensive.
When Alaina needs to leave their sterile home, and transportation is not covered, Michelle reaches out to Global Angel for help. The medical teams are highly trained in handling the needs of vulnerable and frail patients. Miracles happen here with the help of our community and those around the world that find it in their heart to help us.” Patients are transported with love and caring around the globe.

Many don’t realize that while your medical costs may be covered, medical transportation costs often are not. All donations allow Global Angel to continue their work as Angels in our community and around the world. Big or small, every penny helps. You can even be outstandingly generous in your support of Global Angel by using the multiplying ability of life insurance to leave a bigger donation than you could ever dream of. You will receive charitable tax receipts for your insurance premium payments or one time donation. To learn how to be a Special Angel call: 705-740-2645 or e-mail: