Join our network of dedicated volunteers spreading the word across the country to support “Carole’s Mission”  2016. Our paint pails are ready to distribute to authorized locations and the challenge begins. Challenge to start filling your pail and make this the biggest challenge in Canada. Your support immediately helps persons and families confronted by a medical crisis needing transportation and for long term helps reduce health care costs in Canada. A WIN – WIN for all Canadians.

Add your company or business to our list for those who wish to donate at your location. Since , we assist with medical flights and ground transportation costs across Canada, we are recruiting locations throughout the country to host an event or fill their own “pail” for charity. Challenge other business’, schools, healthcare facilities, etc in your area .  Call Us.or email


”  My Angels and I need your support to help others and people you know like me! It could be your best friend, your sister, your daughter, your spouse, your mother – it could be you! I certainly never thought it could/would be me!

Thankfully my family and I found our Angels who forever changed our lives and the lives of our entire family! We will be forever grateful! Please help this amazing cause which *knock-on-wood* could end up being the vital lifeline you or a loved one is reliant upon.’ Christine Connelly.

Who is Carole?