Working Toward Being There When You Need Us
Often when someone is ill and in need of care away from their community, family and friends rally around them offering physical, financial
and emotional support. This is not true in so many cases; a high percentage of people are unable to glean the worst time of their lives.”
For those in need of medical care away from home, the task is daunting. Not everyone has the financial resources or community connections to guide them through an often complex process of travelling to where they need to go, to get the help they need and being cared for medically in the Georgetown , Guyana - valerieprocess. Statistically, less than 1 % of these stories of hardship, suffering and difficulties appear in public newscasts. “If communities only knew of the hardships of these people, often they would receive an outpouring of support as you’ll find that people actually do really want to help. For every one person that we know of needing support, there are ninety-nine more families you have never heard of that are also in need of our support” says Gail Courneyea of Global Angel Charitable Organization, a local Peterborough registered charity. Whether for medical transportation to access care away from home or a patient wanting to be with family one last time, Global Angel works toward the goal of being there when you need them.
On June 21st a Plane Pull Challenge event will be held at the Peterborough Airport. Teams of 10 will compete to pull a plane the farthest for Global Angel Charitable Organization and the money raised will go to help those in need of medical transportation services provided by the organization.
It is our hope that many in our region will feel compelled to get a team of ten together and join us and pull a plane to help others. Together we can do so much” said Courneyea. Team Sponsorships are $1,000 for a team of ten people and the money goes to the charity.
February 2014