September 17, 2012 -Justin’s family and friends express their appreciation to all those who donated to help Justin get home and to those who supported them through this very difficult time.
Story as written by his brother Scott- My brother Justin Mason was involved in a motorbike accident whilst traveling in Goa, India. He suffered a severe head injury and fell into a deep coma. After 3 weeks he emerged from the coma and is now on the slow and uncertain road to recovery.

Myself, our parents and Justin’s daughter have been in Goa, India since the accident, keeping a 24 hour bedside vigil but we are now desperate to get Justin back home to the UK where he can continue his recovery. Justin did not have any travel insurance so all of Justin medical expenses and repatriation costs are being met by fundraising, donations and the incredible generosity of Justin’s friends.

Justin is a very special person, much loved by all those that have met him. There is a Facebook page for friends and family to offer continued support – – I have also been keeping a Blog of Justin’s progress which has attracted the attention of 1000’s of people from all over the world –
Please help us get Justin back to the UK where he can continue his recovery with the love and support of his family and friends around him.