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Our History, Stories & Past Events

Global Angel Charitable Org was founded in 2007 in Peterborough Ontario Canada ……more soon

Our Stories

Over the years, Global Angel Charity has had the privilege of helping many individuals and their families. In being involved with these families at a very distressing time in their lives, we have also been given the gift of being able to share some of their stories and our stories. Please remember when you are reading them, that they are just everyday people like you who needed help and didn’t know where to turn until they came to us…they are now part of the Global Angel Family and will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

Past Events

The only way that Global Angel has been able to assist the people we do is by raising money. We have had many fundraisers in the past, some big and some small, and we will continue to have fundraisers as long as there is someone out there who might need help. These are just a few of the events from our past…please join us for our current and upcoming events.