Julie gregorieHealth Issues affect everyone sometime during their life !!!

Not everyone who is confronted by an illness needing treatment lives near or within driving distance to a hospital that can provide all long term services or even life- saving treatment. The high costs of travelling by ambulance and flights to facilities that offer the care needed, will often be the determining factor in whether life- saving care can be accessed. This is all despite the actual cost of treatment that may be covered by other health care or provincial health plans. This is a decision that families do not want to have to make. Within Canada, many people are referred to health care facilities in the USA or other Provinces because the needs of the patient can only be met by specialized treatment not available within their own Province or Country. The additional cost of traveling extended distances and remaining in cities at a distance from home puts an enormous financial and emotional burden on families. Global Angel Charitable Organization helps ease the burden on families in these situations with your help and donations. We never know when it could be our own family in this situation. A person with cancer needing medical transport to treatment or the person on home care with ALS needing assessment at a clinic, or the family wanting to take their loved one home, one last time for palliative care.

As the health care system struggles with change, families are desperate to meet the high costs of accessing medical transportation for their loved ones. Raising awareness and funds to access life-saving medical treatment away from home, returning from a distant hospital, or even a granting a special wish is possible, but only with the support of fundraising events and donations in the community. Exciting events in 2014 for Global Angel include the release of a song by Kaitlin Kozell, Country Music Artist and our “Pulling for Patients” event; a fundraiser at the Peterborough Airport on June 21, 2014 for families in crisis and feel great about your contribution to helping others.

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