Global Angel Charitable Organization: 

Pulling for Patients via Land, Sea, and Air

We usually pull for distance…This year, we’re pulling for DOLLARS
Now through Sunday July 3rd, 2022*, Global Angel Charitable Organization resumes “Pulling for Patients”. This year, we’re pulling across Canada via: Land, Sea, and Air.
This fundraiser has been extended until further notice!

Central Canada: We’re pulling a tank from the Ontario Regiment RCAC Regimental Museum

Eastern Canada: We’re pulling The Bluenose II

Western Canada: We’re pulling a Sunwest Aviation Challenger 604

Choose your preferred vehicle (or geographic location). Challenges are encouraged! Donate based on how far (financially) you can help us pull the vehicle of your choice toward our massive Quarter-Million Dollar Goal.
Across Canada, patients have become stuck in hospital beds simply because they lack the funds to travel home. Global Angel Charitable Organization’s goal is to free up these hospital beds by assisting with moving financially challenged patients back home, or in with their family, for recovery, compassion, and quality of life.
The need is real – but the pull is virtual. Roll up your virtual sleeves and lend us a hand!

*Marks the 60th anniversary of the institution of universal healthcare.
Media Contact: Wray Ellis, / (705) 743-5433

EAST – Pull The Bluenose II
from Nova Scotia

Built in 1963, Bluenose II is an exact replica of the famed schooner Bluenose, which became a national icon when she raced undefeated for the International Fishermen’s Cup. Her namesake remains a symbol of the Grand Banks fishery, shipbuilding excellence and the seafaring history of our region.

Steeped in maritime tradition, Bluenose II is a must-see while visiting Nova Scotia.

CENTRAL – Pull a Tank from
Ontario Regiment RCAC Regimental Museum

The Ontario Regiment Museum is located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. The Museum is composed of a Static Section tracing the history of the Ontario Regiment and a Vehicle Section with more than 100 Operational Military Vehicles; Jeeps, Trucks, and Tanks – the largest collection in North America.


WEST – Pull a Challenger 604
from Sunwest Aviation

We have dedicated the past 35 years to building our reputation as a leader in aviation and aeromedical services.
Medical institutions, assistance companies, families, and patients, trust us to deliver end-to-end solutions for complex medical transportation missions around the globe.